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Friday, May 01, 2009

I wanted to try this before I listed this. I also had my daughter try it too.
It works. OK lady this is something I know . No one like to talk about.
Constipation. I been having it in the worse way.
I hated it. Took colon clearer that did works
but would mess up my stomach. Think of you digestive system as pipes.
If you drain in your sink is clogged. It backs up. Well when your digestive system is back up
it goes to your stomach , butt, or thigh, or hip . We gain weight.
Then I heard something from one of the girls on Dance with the star.
Forget the name . But they are all size 1 . I miss being a size 1.
She take a tablespoon of olive oil first thing in the morning on a empty stomach.
I can't believe how it works. Like magic. And doesn't both my stomach.
I always use it for cooking. But taking on a empty stomach work so much better.
So if you have this problem. I hope this help you.
Have a wonderful weekend.
And let me know if it works for you. Love to hear from you.

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