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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial

Americana Door Mat


Wicker Door Mat

( I found mine at the $ store)

Paints- Navy Blue-Red-Cream

5 different color of fabric

a 1/4 yard each.


First you will have to paint a flag on the Door mat
And let dry.

I usually use homespun fabric because it has print on both sides.

This time I used calico fabric.
While the mat is drying cut all the fabric in 1 inch strips 9" long.

Make a small slit on the fabric and just tear the fabric. So much easier.
or you can cut it. What best for you.
Next tie the strips around the opening on the end.

Alternate the fabric.
Go all away around the mat.

Now go around one more time

On the next line above it.
I know but you can do it while watching TV.

Now your are done. I put mine on my fireplace.

But you can use your anywhere.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial

Have fun .

Many Prim blessing



Here goes my life said...

Hi Cindy,Thanks for followoing my blog.I luv making new cyber friends.Your blog is so cute.I luv the background.I have stumbled on alot of crafting tutorial blogs and I am loving it.=0) Sherri

Cindy said...

Nice to meet a new Cyber friend too. Thank you for your kinds words. Cindy

Just*Simply*Prim said...

Cindy that is way cute! I love Americana Patriotic goodies!--Dawn