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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New project I made. I didn't take picture of the measurement. Sorry I get

in a hurry and forget that part. I'm so good at that.

I use 2 - 4" x 4' piece of wood and a piece of old rusty wire. (Any wire is fine)

I wanted a darker blue so I added black to my Apple Barrel paint True Blue
Just a little black. Not much.

I cut 2 - 4" x 19" for the front and back

1- 4" x 17" for the bottom

2- 4" x 11" for the side. I rounded the top. And added to holes for the wire at the top.

First I added the side to the bottom.
Than you add the front and back to the side.
I painted my box and used a stencil from Homestead Stencil Co
Spray with clear paint.
Added some herbs or plants .
You are ready to display

Have fun

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