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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I made these and sell them on ebay.
They are so easy to make.
I have made some for Valentines and Easter too

I started out with Peat Pots.
Peat Pots are what you use to start plants.
So right now you should be able to find them.
Then you paint them Red,Blue and white.
I added the printed picture .
You can get the download from the right side of my blog.
I printed them on tea stained paper.
You can make it by adding instead tea
and water mix together.
Paint it on the paper and let dry.
I iron the paper flat so it goes into the printer better.

Use Mode Podge to add the picture to the bucket.

Than I add White yarn to the top.
I added a 11" piece of wire to turn it into a bucket.
If you don't want to make them.
You can also order them from me.
You get 5 for $ 5.95 + shipping
Just email me at
Have fun.
This is great for kids to make too.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

I love your littel peat pot buckets. Aren't peat pots just the grandest things with so many uses? Have a super Sunday.



TeresaM said...

Love this idea!! I must give them a try for my up coming show! Thank you for sharing!