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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time to get my garden ready.
I had this tin roasting pan
that had a plastic top.
I put some small wholes on top
It make the cuties little green house.
I only had to water once.
I put it in the sun.

My grand daughter and I planted these
tomato's and Chile's plant in some pea pots.
A week ago.

Spend one day looking for rocks around my home.

We have plenty of them.

I decided I wanted to plant it by our garage.

In the desert it get to hot. Some time in the 100's

So It doesn't need sunshine all day.

Hope you like my little garden

I will be adding more picture once it

full of Veg and Flowers

Have a wonderful week

And hope you have Sunshine soon

So you can get out and start your garden.

Many Sunshine Blessing



Needled Mom said...

It will be fun to follow the progress.

Anonymous said...

I love it mom, it looks great :-).


Hi Cindy, I just love your curtains...They are beautiful. Hugs, Linda