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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What a day I had yesterday. I was woken up yesterday with a phone call at about 5.30am.
It was my son ( Donald Jr ) calling to say my daughter in law ( Manuela) was having bad craps. She about 8 months pregnant. My son asked me to take them to the hospital. When I got there they put her in my car and as we pulled out her water broke. I had to make a chose to go to the hospital or go to the fire station.
Well I pick the fire station and thank God the was the right one. They put her in the ambulance right away. We fellow behind.
She had her half way to the hospital. He keep tell her don't push. She told him the head already out. And yes the little one was coming. My son arrived just in time to cut the cord.
Her name is Cynthia Marie Surber. She 6 lb 8 oz. And she the sweetie little one.
Just loved it when she smile at me.
I will try to post picture soon.


Staci said...

Congratulations Cindy!!! I'm so happy for you. What a blessing that little granddaughter will be. Merry Christmas...Hugs, Staci

Staci said...
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vintagepaletteart said...

Cindy! The best christmas present that you will ever get! Congratulations! Being a grandparent is the best job in the world! You've seen enough pics of my Jadyn, so I expect to see lots of pics of little Cynthia Marie!

Merry, Merry Christmas!
Hugs! *Nana Lori

Sharon Stevens said...

OMG Cindy! I didn't know they were pregnant!! Congrats to you and Don and the new parents. Wow that was good thinking to take her to the fire station. Boy that was a fast labor.Better watch out next time huh?