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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been tagged, This is a first for me.
I hope I do this right.

and I 'll tell you five random facts about me:

#1 I love watching movies. Old and New

#2 I love my animals and animal that visits my home.

#3 I love making a honey do list for my hubby and end up finishing it myself.

#4 Love cozy night by the fire.

#5 I hate it when people talking bad about others.

I am tagging the following five people, whom I am asking to post five random facts about themselves:


Mustardseed Originals

The Primitive Lady

Vintage Palette Art

CoffeyHouse Collection

1 comment:

vintagepaletteart said...

HI Cindy! How are you doing? I came by to read your 5 random thoughts since I did this earlier. Thanks for tagging me though! =o) Are you all ready for Christmas? I'm not......LOL!

Happy Holidays!