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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picture of my garden.

My grape have taken over my old ladder.

Look at the color of the sky,
So clear and blue.

My doggie Roxy,
She love to look for lizard in the garden.

Today I was looking a one of my
roadrunner caring a baby snake in his mouth.
Not far from my garden.
I love my Roadrunners.
Better than cats.
But I would love to have a cat too.

My Grand Kids Corner.
I finished there Kid Corner.
Here they can play in the sand and make sand castles.
I add 4 bag of clean sand that we had in the garage.
For another project that didn't happen.
I made a swing out some scrap wood I had.
I test it and it works just fine.
This is a Place where kid can be kids and
Grandma can be a kid again. :-)

Thank for taking time to take a look
Sunshine Blessing to you all

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Janene said...

What a beautiful and serene place you have there!