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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I just finish painting our Gazebo.
It as a Spanish Brown.
I didn't care for it.
And didn't spent much time in there.
Now I love it.
Still need to add more plants and other goodies,
Hope you like it.

Not sure how I like it. With my old swing

Or with out the swing.


Janene said...

I LOVE how it looks!
It looks like a wonderful place to relax with a tall glass of sweet tea, after a day of working outdoors!
You did a great job!

Mindy said...

Really cute! I love it!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh Cindy,
I love it!!
The color combinations are amazing!!
Seriously jealous here!! :) ;)
Hard to decide, I like it with and without the swing. Both ways look equally wonderful.

Great job!

flags said...

I love it! Would love to have the plans to build one of my own. Looks so nice and prim, and all the other gazebos I've seen are too fancy for my taste.

Kate said...

Leave the swing! You did a really nice job with it all!