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Friday, August 29, 2008

I so blessed of where I live. I love living in the High desert. Hot yes but the morning and nights are just wonderful. I do my watering in the morning and see so much nature. This morning a counted 29 quills today. I can't seen to get a picture of them. They are so fast.

I use to have a roadrunner name rosy in the last place I lived. But had to leave her . Believe me I try to
bring here.
They say be careful for what I wish for. I wish to have one again. She bought so much joy to me everyday. Well now I have 4 roadrunner that visit me. I only name two of them. One Mohawk and the other Rosebud. Rosebud stay around the most under my rose plants cheating bugs. Mohawk like to talk to me.
In the way birds do.



More picture of some of the other Animals I get to enjoy.

Have 5 Jackrabbits and 3 cottontail rabbits that visit our watering hole.
Just a bird bath I have for all the animals.

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