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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Blogger
Sending you in the east lots of Sunshine.
I can't believe that they where saying
that 49 state had snow. Wow!!!
We are have wonderful sunshine.
Loving be able to work in just a t-shirt and no sweat shirt.
What I work on today.
These Antiques signs.
I love going to home depot and getting the wood in
the back that they can't sell.
I bought these 2 pieces of plywood for 52 cents each.
I also have to say. Buy there samples paints.
They are 7.5 oz for 2.99. And have so many great colors.
I wanted to make Antique and didn't have a stencil for it.
And for me I love buying stencil but didn't want to wait.
So I made one myself. I printed the letter out on my
computer. Used card stock. Add tape over the letter and cut them out.
Instead stencils.
I hope you like my signs.
And if you need any help making your own stencils.
Let me know. I be happy to help.
Keep warm Girls
Sunshine blessing to your all